Regenerative Travel – The Trend to Watch in 2022

As we wrap up our series on purposeful travel, we reflect on another successful summer of safely delivering meaningful travel experiences and sparking adventure in those who’ve joined us. With all that the last year and a half has thrown at us, like much of the world, we wonder how the international travel sphere will take shape in 2022. We remain steadfast on the road of optimism, seeing the demand for travel trending positively, as are dynamic travel styles.

In this year alone, the pandemic has shifted the way people view travel. We are seeing less focus on accommodation amenities and more on community engagement. The travel world is evolving into a more informed society.  Caring for our planet’s future, wildlife, and people who inhabit it, is taking the front seat. Travelers are craving a deeper and more meaningful connection with the people and places we visit. These are key indicators that travel styles are progressing and we are both thrilled and feeling right at home partaking in this restorative travel movement.

This travel concept has a name, “Regenerative.”  This is the idea that travel can be used as a force for good by making a positive impact on a travel destination and leaving it in better shape than when you arrived. Think tree planting projects and beach cleanups. This “leave it better than you found it” theme fits right in our wheelhouse. In fact, it is our wheelhouse. Discover Corps has been pioneering meaningful “Vacations with Purpose” since 2012 with a commitment to celebrating local heritage by empowering the communities we visit. Our aim goes beyond environmental impact to focus on social and economic dimensions.

In Oaxaca, for example, we partner with an organization that offers interest-free microfinance loans to women, empowering them with the fundamentals of building a business from the ground up. These women lead workshops demonstrating their skill and artisan craft to visitors within their indegenous communities. This responsible tourism model allows for travelers to learn from burgeoning business women, experience the achievement of microfinance loans first-hand, and the endless benefits these initiatives elicit for the women and children of Oaxaca. 

We are hopeful that travel will continue to face a transformation, and are pleased to see a more informed travel audience wanting to experience the world in a meaningful way with the end goal of community betterment.  

If you are interested in learning more about Oaxaca: Women & Girls’ Empowerment, download the detailed itinerary here & join us on our next departure, January 4-9, 2022.

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