Through the Lens: Family Travel

Traveling with your children opens up a shared experience that is difficult to replicate. Travel has a certain power that, when harnessed in the right way, can have a truly substantial impact on children and parents alike. There is also a certain lens that one adopts through these experiences that make you more grateful, aware of one’s place in the world and of our shared humanity. Even more importantly, travel can be a means to pass on your values to the ones you love the most. This is why we compiled some of Discover Corps’ top family photos that we’ve taken through the years. These are images that capture the magic of travel and the bonds that families develop on our trips. Enjoy!

Alaska – Discovering the State’s Famed Dog Sledding History

This photo captures the true joy of two children meeting with the puppies of Alaska’s Iditarod-winning family, the Seavey’s. A cultural centerpiece of Alaskan society, these puppies will grow to be some of the most fit and well-trained dogs in the world.

Bhutan – High in the Mountains of the World’s Last Shangri-La

This photo really captures the beauty of Bhutan’s mountain landscapes. Tucked in the middle of Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the most remote destinations in the world and a place where traditions reign supreme. It’s also Discover Corps’ newest trip!

Cuba – Taking in the Lush Viñales Valley

When Cuba comes to mind, most people think of Havana. But the island is full of gems like the Viñales Valley pictured below. Traditional farming communities meet majestic mountains in this stunning corner of the island.

Tanzania- Hand-in-Hand with the Local Community

This is one of our favorite photos simply because it captures the connection that is made on our trips. This small community school outside of Moshi, Tanzania has been receiving our travelers for nearly a decade. The connections that are made during these days are some of the strongest and most colorful out of all of our trips.

Costa Rica – Karla and her Crew

Karla is one of Discover Corps’ most popular guides. She leads the Caribbean Wildlife trips in Costa Rica and can always be counted on to show you the wildlife that Costa Rica is famous for. Here she is with some happy kids as they just watched howler monkeys climb through the trees above.

Peru – Taking a Moment to Reflect at Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of those places that makes you pause and reflect. Located in the heart of the Peruvian Andes, the moment you reach this iconic overlook is the first time you lay eyes on the ruins. It is a truly magical experience that highlights the awe travel can invoke.

South Africa – A Good Day at the Watering Hole

This is a classic shot of a family taking in the beauty of this heard of elephants drinking and bathing at a local watering hole near the tented camp. Even after you see dozens of elephants on safari, times like these remind you just how unique Africa is.

Costa Rica – Rescuing Sea Turtles on the Pacific Coast

Discover Corps partners with one of the leading sea turtle conservation organizations in Costa Rica. Here one of our families are helping to release these baby sea turtles from the local hatchery so that they can go out to sea and continue to grow the native population.

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