A Photo Journey through Discover Corps’ Recent Trips!

Relive these unforgettable moments with us across the world below with this feature on our photo memories. Join our recap of some of the most amazing trips with Discover Corps these past few months! 

From Africa to the Caribbean, DC travelers had some amazing adventures across the world. Not only did these travelers create unforgettable memories, they traveled with purpose. Every Discover Corps itinerary is designed around a unique purpose that connects our travelers to local communities in a meaningful way and gives a deeper understanding of a unique and extraordinary part of the world. 

These projects range anywhere from a two-hour walk with conservationists collecting data in Kenya, to more involved projects like a 3-day experience caring for elephants in a small village community in Northern Thailand. Regardless of the focus, all of our trips will impact not only the communities we visit, but you and your family in a positive way. Check them out below!

Uganda: Gorilla Conservation Adventure

Our recent group of travelers journeyed with us to Equatorial Uganda where they went on a Gorilla Trekking adventure through the jungles of Uganda.

Deep in Uganda’s dense Equatorial jungles are some of the last remaining families of mountain gorillas on Earth. In this truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, travelers traveled into the heart of this East African wilderness to search for these amazing creatures in the wild. From gorillas to chimps, Uganda is a completely unique world when it comes to wildlife.

We also spent time supporting those who call Uganda home. We learned basket-weaving from women involved in a local charity project setup to empower women struggling with poverty, HIV and domestic violence. We also visited a primary school getting to know the children and helping play educational games. Each night, we stayed in some of Uganda’s premier safari lodges.

Baja: Marine Wildlife Adventure

Named “the Aquarium of the World” by Jacques Cousteau, travelers explored the tranquil waters around La Paz on the southern Baja peninsula, home to 39% of the world’s marine mammals.

Add to that a climate that boasts sunny days year round and some of Mexico’s most progressive culinary trends and you have a destination that is unrivaled in natural beauty and culture.

DC travelers embarked on a true wildlife adventure. We swam with whale sharks, scouted for whales, snorkeled alongside sea lion colonies and lent a hand to an organization helping to protect sea turtles by collecting data with a marine biologist.

We also spent two nights camping under the stars on the amazing Isla Espiritu Santo before heading to the artsy village of Todos Santos where we had an amazing authentic Mexican cooking class, surfing lessons and some time to relax in our villas overlooking the ocean.

Costa Rica: Family Volunteer Vacation

Travelers got to hike through some of the most spectacular national parks in the country of pura vida! We got to view active volcanoes, soak in rejuvenating thermal hot springs and meander across a series of hanging bridges in the treetops of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

Through the Monteverde cloud forest we witnessed a unique eco-system offering a variety of birds and picturesque views of high ridges and deep canyons- a spectacular location for our optional zip lining amidst the tree canopies and hanging bridges.

Next we traveled to the pristine Pacific coast to explore its oceanfront rainforest teeming with wildlife. Over half of all land in Costa Rica is forested, creating the ideal playground for families and wildlife lovers alike.

While Costa Rica has an excellent reputation as a leader in sustainability, environmental pressures are rising due to a growing population and increased deforestation. We experienced rural Costa Rican life by helping to plant trees at a locally-run reforestation project then learnt how to cook a typical meal from a local señora. We also got to spend a day lending a hand at a wildlife rescue center and get up close to sloths, spider monkeys, marmosets, and many more species. Travelers experienced an action-packed family trip through Costa Rica!

Questions about any of our upcoming adventures? Give us a call during office hours at 9-6 PM PT or email us at info@discovercorps.com. We hope you enjoyed this photo recap with us!

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