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Getting Back Out in the World – Lessons So Far

If you haven’t heard already, Discover Corps started the new year on a positive note with our first departures since the pandemic took hold last Spring. One group took to the tropical Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic and the other to the South American chain of the Galapagos Islands. It took months of preparation, … Continued

2021 is the Year of Small Group Travel

Since Discover Corps was founded in 2011, we have gone against the grain of the larger travel industry by evangelizing the benefits of small group travel. Why? Well, it’s quite simple, not only is it part of our DNA but leads to a much better experience for the group, guides & communities we partner with. … Continued

Holiday Traditions Around the World

As we close out 2020 and look forward to a hopefully more normal world in 2021, we here at Discover Corps thought it would be fun to take a look around the world at some of the more interesting ways to celebrate the holiday season. Both in countries that we visit and others we hope to … Continued

Taking a Moment to Express our Gratitude

As we close out November, we here at Discover Corps are reflecting, like many of you, on what we are grateful for. Despite the challenges this year has brought, we cannot help but express gratitude to everyone that brings our travel programs to life. From our guides to each and every one of our travelers, … Continued

Planning Travel can Boost your Mental Well-Being. It’s Science!

If there were a “word of the year” for 2020, a key contender would definitely be “uncertainty”. As we continue to navigate volatility and the unknown, it obviously gets harder and harder to plan. Spontaneously hopping on a plane and jetting off to an exotic foreign destination? Sounds like something from a sci-fi novel these … Continued

Living in the Present. Dreaming for the Future.

Dreams. This was the word that came up over and over as we designed our new 2021 Trip Catalog that officially went to (digital) press last week. This time each year, we pour over the photos collected from every corner of the world, the quotes sent over from all of our travelers and fine-tune the … Continued

Promoting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2015, world leaders at the United Nations’ General Assembly in New York adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Designed as a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future, these goals address many of the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. … Continued

Wildlife Conservation in the Age of a Global Pandemic

It may come as no surprise that tourism and wildlife conservation are inherently intertwined. When approached correctly, sustainable tourism practices can be a catalyst for protecting some of Earth’s most treasured creatures. Examples of this can be plucked from just about every country that boasts a high density of wildlife both on land and below … Continued

The Discover Corps Take: The Future of Travel

The pandemic has taken a toll on our collective global society from all perspectives. As we continue to assess the damage and chart a way forward, we at Discover Corps have spent hours on Zoom calls, like many of you, musing on what comes next. We consider ourselves eternal optimists and have really started to … Continued