2021 is the Year of Small Group Travel

Since Discover Corps was founded in 2011, we have gone against the grain of the larger travel industry by evangelizing the benefits of small group travel. Why? Well, it’s quite simple, not only is it part of our DNA but leads to a much better experience for the group, guides & communities we partner with. Small groups are more nimble and allow us to access some very unique locales and properties. Think small jungle lodges tucked in the Amazonian Rainforest or boutique luxury tented camps in Kenya’s Maasai Mara. And that personal community connection that the guide is able to facilitate? Well, we can only do that with small groups.

As travel begins to restart, vaccines are disseminated and borders start to re-open, we are confident that this type of travel will be the future. Yes, it does require a premium price and does limit the size of departures, but at the end of the day small group travel is safer. Our groups rarely exceed 8 travelers and, in a world of uncertainty, that matters more than ever. 2021 will be the “Year of Small Group Travel” for the reasons outlined below:

Safety & Wellbeing

Smaller groups allow us to maintain a “travel bubble” that creates a safer, more stable foundation for the travel experience. While it doesn’t solve all of the issues currently posed by traveling during the pandemic, with correct adherence to health & safety protocols, we are able to better ensure the group’s safety, use smaller vehicles and stay away from the crowds and large hotels. Many of our departures can also be made private for families to enjoy on their own.

Off-the-Beaten-Track Travel

I’m sure you’ve seen those small villages outside the window of the bus during your travels and always wondered to yourself “I wonder what life is like there?”. Well, when you travel with Discover Corps, we take you there. Each of our itineraries allows for immersion and depth that is only possible with small, intimate groups. We tend to avoid major urban centers which allows for an increased level of safety during these stressful times. 

Low Guest to Guide Ratios

On a Discover Corps trip, your guide brings a layer of expertise and local knowledge that would be impossible to get on your own. Additionally, we are confident that our guides are the best in the business, many professionally trained and certified with a knack to help you interpret everything you are seeing in real time. With a small group, your guide is part of the family. You don’t have to wrangle with others to get their attention. Many of our Alumni even stay in touch with our guides forming friendships that outlast the trip!

Small, Boutique Properties

Massive resorts that churn out travelers through inclusive packages and large, follow-the-flag busses of groups – ever seen that? Well, that’s the opposite of Discover Corps. We believe that your lodge is your home and that it should reflect the character of the place. We partner with small, boutique properties that offer a distinctive experience, exceptional comfort and, best of all, are primarily locally-owned benefiting the communities we stay in. Small groups allow us to use these properties and, in an age where privacy is more important than ever, keep you away from the throngs of tourists milling about the large hotels.

Smaller Environmental Footprint

Finally, small group travel is better for the environment – a commitment we must make given the carbon footprint that travel has on the world. Small groups keep us out of large urban centers and give us access to remote locales that help keep our footprint a bit smaller. Additionally, all of our trips have the option of Carbon Offsetting via our partnership with Native Energy.

As we continue into a hopefully brighter Spring, we are excited to double down on everything we have always held true to our core. If you ever want to discuss this further or craft a private departure for your family, just let us know! Help us make 2021 the Year of Small Group Travel.

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