How to Reclaim Your Happiness

We can’t get enough of celebrations — and this one is designed for smiling!

The UN International Day of Happiness is coming up on Friday, March 20th, with a host of gatherings in public spaces and local communities worldwide.

In 2011, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution that stated happiness should be a “fundamental human goal,” effectively associating happiness with a culture’s health and growth.

Then in 2012, the first ever UN conference on happiness established a special day to “promote the well-being of all peoples.” Since that declaration, International Happiness Day has become a yearly movement of sharing what makes you happy.

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We all want better lives, but unlocking the key to happiness is difficult if you’re saddled down by a busy life that affords little room for change. True happiness is like playing the piano or riding a bicycle — it just takes practice!

In the spirit of embracing what really matters, below are some resources to help you find more fulfillment.

Strengthen your relationships

Studies show that happiness is not found in material wealth or status — but in deeper connections to each other.

Because the Internet separates us by physical distance, we’re starting to lose real human connection. To build stronger relationships, seek out authentic interactions in your daily life. And more importantly, make an effort to pause your hectic schedule and make contact with others outside your circle.

New and continuing connections can be found anywhere — whether you choose to enrich your own environment or take up a cause by volunteering abroad. You’ll discover that your relationships sustain you through both tough and wonderful times!

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Choose experiences over stuff

Our lifestyles may support consumer consumption, but the truth is empty purchases don’t feel satisfying in the end.

While you can’t hold or display experiences, what makes them unique is their lasting psychological effects. Experiences force you to reflect more, pause and drink in the moment, instead of rushing to the next thing — and the result is you change how you see yourself and the world.

Travel is one of those experiences that is so rewarding. At Discover Corps, we wholeheartedly endorse immersive experiences through our volunteer vacations. Our travelers invest in the well-being of local communities and organizations, returning home with impactful memories they treasure forever.

In short: experiences give and give, while stuff only puts you in debt!

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Begin practicing gratitude

Taking five minutes in your day to stop and think about what you’re grateful for can quickly pull you out of a funk or put things into perspective. We even compiled our own list of what we’re grateful for — see, everyone’s doing it!

A terrific way to do this is by keeping a gratitude journal. Every morning or evening, jot down five things you’re grateful for — no matter how large or small — and you’ll soon discover the emotional benefits of being grateful.

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Try to incorporate these tips to live a fuller life, and on International Happiness Day, consider joining a happiness event near you. Though connecting in-person is ideal, you can also participate by sharing positive messages online and tagging them with #InternationalDayOfHappiness.

What are some ways that you strive for happiness?

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