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7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites for Every Travel Bucket List

Have UNESCO World Heritage Sites made it on to your travel bucket list? There are few guarantees in the world of travel. But a “World Heritage Site” designation from UNESCO– the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization– ensures that a destination is important enough to deserve protection for future generations.

Meet Erik: Our Multi-Talented & Adventurous Cuba Trip Leader

We always love sharing behind-the-scenes profiles of our staff — from our friendly Dominican cooks to our enthusiastic founder — but this interview has to be one of our favorites. Meet Erik, who works side-by-side with our local guides to lead cultural trips to Cuba. A true renaissance man, he climbs, guides, dances, and writes — all with … Continued

4 Signs of Impending Change in Cuba

In 1996, a Gallup poll revealed  that only 10 percent of Americans had a favorable view of Cuba. Fast forward almost 20 years, and the same poll shows that 46 percent now have a positive view of the island. In addition to this change in public opinion, very concrete shifts are occurring between the two countries. Here are four … Continued

The True Cost of Cuba

Have you been surprised by the cost of trips to Cuba? If so, you’re not alone. While many are excited at the prospect of traveling to Cuba, many are also taken aback when they realize how expensive it really is. And often, their first question is “Why?” In this post, we’ll explore what’s happening behind-the-scenes … Continued