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What Should You Pack for a Volunteer Vacation?

Maybe you’ve finally booked that dream volunteer vacation to an exotic country. Before you can start connecting with people and making a difference, though, there are a few important things to do — and packing is one of them! You’ve got to account for a myriad of factors like climate, personal comfort, and your daily activities. Gah! Sounds … Continued

Is a Volunteer Vacation Right for You? Let’s Find Out

Volunteer vacations are a unique way to experience the world. For some people, they might lack some of the luxuries of more traditional vacations, like swan-shaped towels and beach-side cocktail service. But for others, volunteer vacations are the perfect type of cultural experience that opens your eyes to new places and people. Though volunteer vacations aren’t for everyone, one thing’s certain: they can leave an impression that … Continued

Is Voluntourism Bad? This Kind Is…

Are you pondering that overseas volunteer vacation with excitement? Who can blame you? We sure can’t! Once you start checking out voluntourism companies, it can be tempting to choose one with a packed itinerary that has you hopping from one point to another. Though traditional travel is about seeing as much as you can, you should be wary of … Continued

How to Decide Where to Go on a Volunteer Vacation

So you wanna go on a volunteer vacation? Awesome. Now all you have to do is decide where — which is no small task when you’ve got the whole world at your fingertips! From Africa to Asia to Latin America, opportunities abound to learn about a new culture while giving back. Since we know deciding where to … Continued

What You Need to Know About “Authentic Culture”

For many travelers, encountering another culture means more than visiting museums and famous monuments. World Heritage Sites are worth seeing — but maybe you crave deeper connections. You might sign up for a tour that promises interactions with an indigenous tribe, and once you arrive in their village, notice villagers wearing bright traditional dress. They’re selling handicrafts that are … Continued

The True Cost of Cuba

Have you been surprised by the cost of trips to Cuba? If so, you’re not alone. While many are excited at the prospect of traveling to Cuba, many are also taken aback when they realize how expensive it really is. And often, their first question is “Why?” In this post, we’ll explore what’s happening behind-the-scenes … Continued

Are Volunteer Vacations Sustainable?

Volunteer vacations are becoming more popular as people realize that — now more than ever — we live in an interconnected world. And it’s clear we can learn from each other culturally and create lasting relationships through volunteering abroad. But how sustainable are volunteer vacations? Do these types of trips help the planet — or hurt it? When done … Continued

What’s the Point of Volunteering Abroad?

A few weeks ago, we received an interesting comment on our post “Do Volunteer Vacations Do More Harm Than Good?” The commenter noted: “You don’t address the issue of money spent making the trip as opposed to simply donating money to an indigenous charity working directly with the people.” And it’s a great point. Many … Continued