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10 Travel Vloggers You Should Be Watching

If you spend any amount of time online, vlogging (short for “video blogging”) is something you really can’t miss. Whether or not you set out to find travel vloggers (or vloggers of any other kind), you’re bound to see them on social media, YouTube, and sometimes even on TV! The awesome thing about finding travel … Continued

Meet Erik: Our Multi-Talented & Adventurous Cuba Trip Leader

We always love sharing behind-the-scenes profiles of our staff — from our friendly Dominican cooks to our enthusiastic founder — but this interview has to be one of our favorites. Meet Erik, who works side-by-side with our local guides to lead cultural trips to Cuba. A true renaissance man, he climbs, guides, dances, and writes — all with … Continued

Meet Jane: A Passionate Solo Female Volunteer Traveler

It’s time to introduce you to another volunteer traveler! Remember Catherine, who traveled to Tanzania with her college-aged daughters, Deirdre, who traveled to Costa Rica with her grandkids, and John, who called his Cuba trip the best investment he’s ever made? Well now it’s time to meet Jane, a solo female traveler brimming with passion … Continued

Meet Barbara: An Inspiring Blogger Who Traveled to Cuba With Us

In our bi-monthly profile series, we’ve introduced you to our founder, members of our international staff, and cool grassroots projects. This week, we’re excited to introduce you to someone who is not technically part of the Discover Corps family, but who we’re now proud to call one of our own. Her name is Barbara Weibel, … Continued

Profile: Making Dolls with the Q’ewar Project in Peru

One of the ways we make sure our volunteer vacations are sustainable is by only supporting projects that are already integrated into the community. A perfect example of this is the Q’ewar Project, which we visit on our volunteer vacations to Peru. Located in the rural highlands of the Andes Mountains, this project has been operating … Continued

Meet Judith & Lori: A Retired Couple Seeking Meaningful Travel

It’s been a little while since we’ve introduced you to some of our fantastic Discover Corps travelers, who inspire us with their stories, adventurous natures, and desire to give back. Judith and Lori are a couple who completely exemplify that spirit. They’ve traveled with us to both Guatemala and Thailand, and we’re flattered they agreed to … Continued

Meet Jeannie: Writer for The Volunteer Traveler

It’s time to meet another Discover Corps team member! Today, we’re introducing you to Jeannie Mark, who works for us a writer on this very blog. You may have hear of her travel blog Nomadic Chick before — if you haven’t, be sure to check it out! What got you into traveling? Is there a specific moment … Continued

Meet Jasmine: Discover Corps Travel Specialist

We’ve had a lot of fun introducing you to the various people who make everything at Discover Corps run smoothly. First, we met our travel specialist Alex, then we met our founder Andrew, and today, we’re introducing you to the lovely Jasmine. She’s a sunny soul who is passionate about sharing the power of experiential … Continued