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How to Volunteer at an Orphanage Responsibly

Volunteering at orphanages abroad has generated polarizing opinions — from a positive first person account of life as an orphan poignantly written by Wycliffe Sande — to warnings on the damage that orphanage tourism can inflict on children residing at these facilities. Sande’s essay about growing up on the streets of Uganda breaks your heart — … Continued

5 Ways to Keep Giving Back Once You Return Home

“That was the experience of a lifetime!” “I want to go back.” “It was amazing!” These are sentiments often heard when our travelers discuss their volunteer vacations. Why? Because giving back feels good — and once the volunteer bug latches on, it nudges people to view the world differently and continue helping others. The dilemma some of our travelers face is … Continued

Think the Holidays Are Too Commercial? Read This

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the materialism of the holidays? If so, you’re not alone. Amidst the endless advertisements and shopping trips, it can sometimes seem like we’ve forgotten the true meaning of the season. There is, however, reason to believe that the spirit of giving is still alive and well in the United … Continued