5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Yahoo! Earth Day is upon us tomorrow: April 22!

To celebrate, you might decide to turn off and unplug all your electronics for the day, or gather all the plastics in your home and load them into the local recycling bin. You might check out one of our favorite sustainable travel blogs.

These are perfectly smart ways to be greener — but here are a few to make your Earth Day more memorable!

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

 1.  Do a clothing swap

Keen to cut your budget, but in need of some new attire? A clothing swap could be your solution.

Make your Earth Day celebration into a fun evening get-together by inviting friends to bring bags of clothes to swap. This is a great way to recycle while also expanding your wardrobe: cheap, easy, and environmentally friendly!

2.  Go solar on a small scale

You may assume solar energy means a whopping financial investment in solar paneling for your home.

But that’s not the case: solar energy, like many technologies, has become accessible to everyone. With pocket-sized smartphone chargers or portable solar multi-pack kits, reducing power use on just one or two electronic devices will ease your power bill and utilize a plentiful natural resource — the sun!

3.  Take a break from driving

Rediscover the nuances of your hometown by walking or cycling to work. Slowing down your commute will introduce you to small details, like flowers in bloom or a new neighborhood restaurant.

Not to mention, getting your body moving will also benefit your health. You might even be inspired to park the car at home several days a week, making this beneficial routine permanent.

 4.  Volunteer

One of the best ways to celebrate our earth and shared humanity? Giving back. Work on causes that interest you, such as animal welfare, climate change, or the impact of pollution. Search VolunteerMatch for local one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities, skim the EPA’s list of Earth Day activities, or check your community newspaper.

If you want to take it a step further, consider a sustainable way of traveling: a volunteer vacation. These trips allow you to learn firsthand about some of these important issues while supporting another culture’s preservation.

5.  Purchase carbon offsets

If you’re really crunched for time, buying carbon offset credits is a concrete way to contribute to the environment. By investing in renewable resources, you put thought into action — and money where it counts!

Go to a reputable carbon offset website and purchase enough clean power (typically wind or solar) to cover your own energy use. Offset your home power usage, travel, or any other high-energy expenditures.

We wish you an enlightening Earth Day and hope you’ll be inspired to take up these steps — not just once a year, but every day!

Is there a way you celebrate Earth Day that’s not listed here? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/flyingsinger/

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