Why Should You Pay to Volunteer?

Why should you pay to volunteer?

There are no two ways about it — volunteering abroad is an amazing thing to do.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of a volunteer vacation, you may have been put off by the cost, wondering: “Why the heck should I pay to volunteer? Shouldn’t it be free?!”

A valid question. While the concept of paying to volunteer may sound strange, it’s important to realize you’re paying for so much more than “just” volunteering: you’re getting a holistic and culturally-immersive vacation, you’re gaining education and knowledge through service, and most importantly, you’re supporting local people and organizations.

Still don’t believe us? Below, we’ll dive deeper into why you should pay to volunteer abroad.

Invest in yourself

Volunteer vacations offer an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of another country. You’ll see a region of the world in an intimate way — far from the tourists. You’ll connect directly with local people and service projects you would not be exposed to otherwise.

What does this mean for you? Exponential growth. A deeper understanding and appreciation of the world. You can’t put a price tag on learning, connection, and genuine cultural exchange.

Support the local economy

Simply put: We can’t provide authentic experiences and hire local people without money. When you travel with a responsible volunteer vacation company, your money is infused into the local economy.

We work with local people and small businesses to channel funds back into the community, which supports cultural preservation and creates well-paying jobs. (No chain hotels here!)

You aren’t just a contributor either — but a participator. Whether a women’s group is teaching you to cook, or artisans are demonstrating their skills and products, you’ll leave with a transparent understanding of where your money goes.

Leave worry behind

Many people love travel, but few love travel planning. Organizing the tickets, hotels, and logistics? No thanks. At Discover Corps, our volunteer vacation packages are all-inclusive and worry-free, so you can hit the ground running.

Your trip fees pay for everything: food, lodging, cultural activities, local guides, and in-country transportation. And don’t forget about our excellent U.S.-based and local staff, who take care of your every need before, during, and after your volunteer vacation.

Do a price comparison with other types of tours and you’ll find similar price points — but the major difference between us and a regular ol’ tour is the feel good factor. You can feel confident knowing you’re not only supporting sustainable tourism, you’re also learning about yourself and making the world a better place.

Have a real impact

The feedback we hear from our partner service organizations is invaluable: “It’s amazing that Discover Corps travelers want to spend their money and vacation time to be with us. We’ve been forgotten by people in our own country. Nobody from the capital city would come and use their vacation to spend time with us.”

The care and time you give to volunteerism is a spiritual richness that reinvigorates the communities we visit, paving the way for their progression and financial independence.

As you can see, there’s lots of planning (and love!) involved in creating a pure and immersive volunteer vacation experience. If you still have some lingering doubts about why you should pay to volunteer, read our account of a day in the life of a volunteer. We’re pretty sure you’ll immediately see why it’s worth every penny!

What do you think about paying to volunteer? Do you have any experiences to share? 

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