Costa Rica: Sea Turtle Initiative

Discover Corps offers an amazing trip called Costa Rica: The Sea Turtle Initiative which is an 8-day trip to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. During this trip, you’ll learn firsthand about the challenges facing sea turtles and become part of the effort to preserve these beautiful creatures.

Video Transcript

Newlywed Woman: So, the reason we chose to travel with Discover Corps was because we needed to plan our honeymoon, and we wanted to do something with our honeymoon that was going to make it count.

Man: The baby sea turtles – releasing them into the ocean was amazing – that’s what we came for.

Boy: My favorite experience was guiding the turtles to the ocean and seeing them just swim out into the wild.

Woman: It was everything it promised to be. I had an amazing night with sea turtles that even the guide said was astounding.  I didn’t know what to expect but it’s been great, and I feel like its been real.

Man: It’s about actually seeing something real, and this has been a really great adventure – high energy. It’s all been amazing.

Newlywed Woman: If someone was considering traveling with Discover Corps, I’d pretty much tell them that I’d like to go with them.