A Month of Gratitude at Discover Corps

At Discover Corps, gratitude is more than just a word; it’s a guiding principle that underlies our commitment to foster meaningful connections and create sustainable change around the world. 

As we embark on this month-long journey of reflection and appreciation, we are thrilled to highlight five extraordinary projects that we partner with around the world that not only define our mission but also demonstrate the incredible impact our travelers have had through the years. These partnerships not only enrich the communities they serve but also leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of our fellow travelers.

En Via in Oaxaca, Mexico – Empowering Communities Through Microfinance

Discover Corps Trip: Oaxaca – Women & Girls’ Empowerment

En Via, our esteemed partner in Oaxaca, Mexico, has been instrumental in empowering historically disadvantaged women and girls in their local communities through microfinance initiatives. As a result of our collaboration, we have witnessed firsthand how these initiatives have helped individuals create sustainable livelihoods, foster entrepreneurship, and drive economic growth from within. The heartwarming stories of resilience and success have not only inspired our travelers but have also strengthened our belief in the power of community-driven change.

volunteer travel costa rica

Turtle Trax in Costa Rica – Protecting Biodiversity and Marine Life

Discover Corps Trip: Costa Rica – The Sea Turtle Initiative

Our collaboration with Turtle Trax in Costa Rica has been instrumental in conserving the rich biodiversity and fragile marine ecosystems there. The tireless efforts to protect sea turtles and their habitats have not only contributed to the preservation of these magnificent creatures but have also raised awareness about the importance of environmental conservation among our travelers experiencing the wonders of nature alongside dedicated conservationists. Each turtle patrol our group engages in results in one more turtle that is saved from natural predators and poachers. 

David Fleays Wildlife Park on the Gold Coast, Australia – Preserving Wildlife and Indigenous Culture

Discover Corps Trip: Australia – Beachside Adventure

In Australia, our partnership with David Fleays Wildlife Park has been pivotal in preserving the country’s unique wildlife and indigenous cultural heritage. Through our interactions with the dedicated team of rangers, we have learned about the significance of conservation efforts in protecting endangered species. From providing much-needed assistance to rangers as they care for these kangaroos, wallabies and koalas to becoming advocates for these unique creatures, our travelers have a special bond with the Fleay’s team. The immersive experiences have fostered a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of nature and culture, leaving a lasting impact on our travelers’ perspectives.

Changland in Thailand – A Haven for Retired Elephants

Discover Corps Trip: Thailand – The Elephant Experience

Changland is a sanctuary known as a haven for retired elephants, and is a sustainable habitat for these creatures. The elephants that call Changland home are able to live in a safe and natural environment, free from neglect. Travelers support the elephants of Northern Thailand by volunteering at this sanctuary and learning from expert mahouts, or caretakers, as they walk, feed, and bathe the elephants, as well as collect grass for their meals and help clean their enclosures. Travelers get a completely unique perspective on these beautiful, intelligent creatures, and gain a deeper respect and appreciation for their relationship with humans.

Rau Primary School in Tanzania – Helping Build a Foundation for Youth Education

Discover Corps Trip: Tanzania – Safari & Service

Our partnership with Rau Primary School in Tanzania has been instrumental in helping build a solid educational foundation for the youth in the region. By working closely with the school, we have contributed to improving infrastructure, providing educational resources, and fostering a supportive learning environment. Witnessing the enthusiasm and resilience of the young students has not only touched our hearts but has also reinforced our dedication to creating sustainable educational opportunities for communities worldwide. Our decades-long partnership continues to grow in the region not only with Rau but other primary schools in Moshi, Tanzania.

As we reflect on these exceptional partnerships, we are reminded of the profound impact that can be achieved through collaborative efforts and shared visions. Our travelers’ contributions, whether through active participation or heartfelt support, have played a vital role in nurturing these initiatives and leaving a lasting legacy of positive change. 

At Discover Corps, we remain deeply grateful for the opportunity to be a part of these transformative journeys, both for the communities we serve and for the travelers who continue to be inspired by the power of meaningful global engagement and the impact of genuine human connection.

To learn more about our impactful partnerships and how you can get involved, visit our website at www.DiscoverCorps.com.

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