5 Ways Traveling Abroad Makes for the Perfect Mother-Daughter Trip (Plus: 6 Trip Ideas!)

For many families, especially those with more than one child, it can be tough to get those special bonding moments with each. Family trips are amazing and birthday parties spent with friends help celebrate every child individually, but it can be tough to set aside the time to create lasting memories that really focus on reconnecting. Between work, soccer practice, and life’s everyday chores, it’s important to set aside time for new experiences that bring you closer together.

A growing trend is mother-daughter travel abroad. It may sound extreme, but there are plenty of packages (hint hint: Discover Corps) that make traveling easy and affordable so you can focus on creating lasting memories. Check out five reasons traveling abroad makes for the perfect trip below:

It Takes You Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s no secret that a major piece of any type of travel is getting out of your comfort zone –  it’s what makes your trip such an adventure! Traveling as a mother/daughter duo takes those out-of-comfort-zone moments and brings that bond to the next level. Has your daughter ever seen you go zip lining? How about white water rafting? Do you know how your daughter would react when introduced to a classroom full of students, immersed in a new culture? Many people talk about personal growth when they talk about leaving a comfort zone, but it’s also a great way to grow together.

It Offers You Completely New Experiences

Going off of the last point, traveling abroad offers you an entirely new set of experiences. Most people have never released baby sea turtles into the ocean, but it’s a feeling you won’t forget. This allows you opportunities to be put in situations you would never experience at home, and the two of you will be the only ones who can connect over such incredible memories.

It’s not everyday you get to visit a sloth sanctuary!

There is No Age Limit to Travel the World

Traveling abroad isn’t something that has to wait – it’s never too early or late to make meaningful memories and strengthen your mother/daughter relationship. The great thing about traveling is that there truly is something for everyone. Thrill seekers? Animal lovers? Nature fanatics? Beachfront relaxers? Lifelong learners? This world is a huge playground waiting to be explored, and it’s fun for all ages. So expand your kiddo’s horizons, or check a place off your bucket list together. Wherever you go, it will be more special together.

Traveling Abroad Can Feel Longer – Make the Most of Limited Time

With schedules getting more and more hectic, it can be tough to find even a few days that line up for a vacation together. One of the great things about traveling is that you can make so many memories and share so many experiences in a much shorter time than if you were at home or visiting somewhere with less opportunities. Let’s face it, traveling abroad can be as jam-packed as you want it to be.

In the end, it’s not just the tours or the activities that make the trip, it’s the bursts of laughter that come when you’re exhausted and neither one of you bends down to pick up the train ticket you dropped; it’s the late-night talks before bed; it’s the little moments.

Bonus: Try Volunteer Travel

Any type of travel gets you out of your comfort zone and making incredible memories, but volunteer travel has a unique essence that really takes these experiences to the next level. Don’t just see a new place, be part of it: Lend a hand to the local community, make connections with people from around the world, and learn about other cultures through participation, not a textbook. Volunteer travel is an incredible way to experience the world, and is sure to make your mother/daughter trip one for the books.

6 Great Mother-Daughter Trips Abroad

In addition to creating special memories, you’ll gain some serious cool points. So ditch the boys, grab your backpack, and show your daughter another side to the world. Below are a few Discover Corps trips that we recommend for mother-daughter duos:

Have you had an amazing mother-daughter travel abroad experience? Where did you go, and what made it so special? Let us know in the comment section below!

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