8 Unique Gift Ideas for Travelers [2018 Edition]

For many of us, the holidays start by sitting down at the computer and thinking “what does this person enjoy.” In many cases, this leads us to typing in the search phrase “gifts for people who like to travel.” The truth is, if you’re not a traveler yourself it can be hard to find practical gifts for someone who wants to go everywhere and see everything the world has to offer. If you are the person with the travel bug, then asking for specific gifts from family and friends can be helpful during the busy holiday season (and ensure you get something you’ll actually use).

If you’re looking for a gift for the traveler in your life, check out these 9 awesome gifts for travelers below that won’t break the bank:

Chacos | Approx. $70

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As far as water-sandals go, Chacos  are the bomb. These shoes can be worn from the shower to the beach to the city, and everywhere in between. With a plethora of colors and patterns, this efficient and durable shoe is also stylish and might just be the most practical gift on this list.

Microfiber Towel | $21.90


These lightweight, quick-drying towels are a must for any type of travel. From poolside to beachfront, a microfiber towel won’t take up a ton of space in your bag, and will actually dry in a humid climate. Towels are always an overlooked necessity when traveling, but if you’re staying in a hostel or a third-world country, bringing your own towel can be incredibly important. Something that dries quickly is also key for those backpacking. 

Converter and Adapter | $39.95


This is a great gift for someone who may be going on their first international trip because electricity and outlets are often the last things thought of when packing for an international trip. Luckily, there are Converter and Adapter kits to ensure you’ll always be able to plug in. (Converters decrease 220 V to 110 V, and adapters change to the actual shape of the outlet.) Though slightly different in function, they’re both super important to remember!

Kindle | $49.99

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Kindles are an amazing travel companion. Take a few books on the trip in a durable device the width of a pencil to keep anyone company. The no-glare screen is perfect for sunny days and gives the eyes a break from LEDs. If you’re giving this away as a gift, consider downloading a book related to travel on the Kindle before wrapping. This adds an extra personal touch to the gift! Check out some awesome travel novels here.

Portable Power Pack | $45.00


For the long flights, bus rides, or navigating through a city all day, it’s always a good idea to have a portable power pack in your pocket. Tesla just came out with a super-sleek, super-powerful battery pack. Although it may be a little bit expensive depending on where someone is headed, it can also offer peace of mind knowing that you won’t be stranded without communication should something happen.

Daypack Backpack | $39.95


This little REI daypack will roll up for easy packing in your main bag, and is perfect for day-to-day use in-country. It’s lightweight, durable, and the perfect size for a day full of essentials. Travelers often bring big backpacks to trek across different countries and continents, but a small backpack is crucial for those day hikes to Machu Picchu or the daytime whitewater rafting excursion. 

Lifeproof Phone Case | Approx. $79.99


The Lifeproof phone case is the phone case for the true adventurer. Available for many smartphone models, this case makes any phone virtually indestructible. Plus, you can even use it while submerged; go ahead, take the perfect snorkel selfie.

Moleskine Travel Journal | $14.95

Photo via MotorTrend. Source.

It is said that our experiences alone are not what makes an impact, it’s the reflection of them. For the Jack Kerouak on your gift list, the classic moleskine journal is both durable and slim, perfect for keeping travel chronicles safe. Plus, it always helps to have a notebook available to write down directions or recommendations locals offer along the way. 

Bonus: Discover Corps Gift Box. If you’re interested in traveling abroad with friends or family this year, you can break the news with a Discover Corps Travel Gift Box. When you book any Discover Corps trip, you get a box free with a notebook, backpack, water bottle, Lonely Planet travel book, and stuffed animal. Learn more here!

What is the best travel gift you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments below!

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