10 Sustainable Travel Blogs You Should Be Following

best sustainable travel blogs

Do you dream of shaping the world into a better place for future generations?

Many of us do, which is why we celebrate Earth Day (coming up on April 22!).

In the spirit of changing wasteful habits and opening our minds, we’ve gathered 10 must-read travel blogs that combine two things we wholeheartedly support: sustainability and travel. Traveling sustainably is a great way to understand global issues and appreciate diversity — while also ensuring you’re aware of your impact on cultures and environments.

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Though we often discuss the sustainability of volunteer vacations on this blog, you’ll see there are SO many ways to travel responsibly.

Sit back, turn off the TV, and get ready to change the world with these 10 sustainable travel blogs. We’re positive you’ll find them as inspiring as we do!

The 10 Best Sustainable Travel Blogs

1. Green Global Travel

Brett Love and Mary Gabbett are a couple in love and in business together, harmoniously running their extensive blog on ecotourism, nature/wildlife conservation, and cultural preservation.

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2.  Ethical Traveler

Founded in 1996 by eco-minded journalist Jeff Greenwald, Ethical Traveler is now a non-profit organization steered by Mike McColl; it focuses on the power of tourism to bring human rights and environmental issues to light.

Post to inspire you: Thirteen Tips for the Accidental Ambassador

3.  Breathedreamgo

Mariellen Ward took a journey to India that changed her life forever, propelling her to launch Breathedreamgo in 2009. Though posts often focus on India, her blog is really about authentic, meaningful travel — and the myriad ways you can achieve this (easier than you think!).

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4. Eco Traveller Guide

Linda McCormick’s beautifully designed blog is the perfect canvas for all things under the eco-travel umbrella: responsible travel, sustainable tourism, ethical tourism or culturally aware travel — the labels may evolve, but her commitment to social responsibility does not!

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5.  Every Steph

Who says being a conscious traveler means cargo pants and Keen sandals 24/7? Stefania Guglielmi believes a little glamour and a whole lot of responsible travel goes a long way. Only 25 years old, she’s already walking the path of someone very aware of her impact on the world and what it means.

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6. Mindful Wanderlust

Cody and Giselle are a traveling vegan couple who are fully committed to adventure in a compassionate, responsible way. They share their experiences to inspire the mentality that we are ambassadors representing the best of our countries and ourselves.

Post to inspire you: The Truth About Elephant Tourism

7.  Around the World in Eighty Years

Jim O’Donnell has traveled to 40 countries on 5 continents, covering a heck of a lot of territory to bring responsible travel to the fore. His blog is laden with stunning nature and wildlife photographs, accompanied by compelling stories.

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8.  Softback Travel

Kyle & Leoni at Softback Travel tell stories and explains matters, all related to climate change, green travel and wildlife conservation. A great read if you are passionate about wildlife conservation and environmental protection.

Post to inspire you: 23 Examples of Keystone Species Living on our Planet

9. Tammy & Chris On The Move

Both development workers, Tammy and Chris have lived and worked in Cambodia, Bolivia, Peru, and now Ghana. They offer an inside perspective on how volunteer work directly impacts cultures and communities.

Post to inspire you: The Ups and Downs of Work Field Trips to Rural Cambodia

10.  Travel for Wildlife

Zoologist Cristina Garcia and her husband, wildlife photographer Hal Brindley, provide inside tips on how to see the world’s most amazing wild animals — while also promoting conservation through responsible wildlife tourism.

Post to inspire you: The Selfish Connection. How Our Love for Dolphins is Killing Them

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Ponder the significance of Earth Day with these amazing sustainable travel blogs. Did we miss any? Or do you have any favorites? We’d love it if you spread this post to others, and of course, share your thoughts in the comments!

21 responses to “10 Sustainable Travel Blogs You Should Be Following

  1. What a fantastic list!! 🙂 We’re incredibly committed to living sustainably and traveling sustainably – we’re both traveling vegans who search out ecotours and don’t support any place that harms wildlife. Here’s a section on our blog dedicated to it: http://justinpluslauren.com/category/ecotourism/ 🙂 I’m glad you listed all of these wonderful blogs here as I have some new ones to follow now! Have a lovely day 🙂

  2. We steward a sustainable B&B in Tulum and are always looking to create relationships with eco-aware organizations and like minded travelers, so thank you.

  3. Thanks for this list – it’s great discovering some other blogs that focus is on sustainable travel. My husband and I been blogging for 3 years now and our focus is ethical and adventurous travel. Would love for you to check it out and let us know what you think!

    Two Wandering Soles

  4. Hey guys, I just re-discovered this great list! Thanks so much for including us in it (Travel For Wildlife). There are still a few on your list that I need to dig into! Keep up the great work guys!

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