Living in the Present. Dreaming for the Future.

Dreams. This was the word that came up over and over as we designed our new 2021 Trip Catalog that officially went to (digital) press last week. This time each year, we pour over the photos collected from every corner of the world, the quotes sent over from all of our travelers and fine-tune the experiences that give our trips a true sense of purpose. These come together to form the basis of our catalog.

But, as in all facets of life, 2020 is just different. From an elephant sanctuary tucked in the foothills of Northern Thailand to the smiling children of Andahuaylillas in the Andes Mountains of Peru, it was honestly hard to sift through photos for this catalog. Wanderlust seemed to mix with uncertainty all underpinned by a sense of determination. We know we will return to the normalcy that these photos capture. And, more importantly, we are determined to continue to build these dreams into experiences that will help our travelers grow as humans and global citizens. 

As we continue to dream for the future, we are also pragmatists and realize that we must also look to the present. We are lucky to have a family of amazing partners criss-crossing nearly every continent on the globe. Every one of them has a story to share and their own expertise which is often showcased on their respective trips. We kept asking ourselves “How can we continue to support our family who have been hit so hard by the current state of the industry? How can we learn from the core content of our trips without actually being there?”.

Thus the idea of our Virtual Learning Adventures was born. Take a select group of our international partners with fascinating areas of expertise and bring them into a small group of like-minded global travelers via Zoom. Voila! We are able to support our global family while simultaneously distilling some of the most pertinent content from our trips around the world. 

Our Virtual Learning Adventures are set to go live in mid-October. We are starting with a series of three two-hour long talks. We’ll Zoom over to Costa Rica to speak with the one and only Tara Tiedemann about health & wellness (and some ways that you can integrate these habits into your life). We’ll then hop over to the Caribbean Island of Cuba to talk with a former University of Havana Professor now based in Miami about politics and economics in Cuba and the future of U.S.-Cuban relations. Finally, we’ll continue onwards to Kenya to speak with conservationists from the Maasai Mara and Ol Pejeta wildlife conservancies about how to protect these amazing creatures. (To learn more about our Virtual Learning Adventures click here). 

We leave you with the great Arthur Asche quote “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” While we continue to dream of traveling to far away places, we are doing what we can with what we have to bring the world to you. Check out our new catalog (we’re quite proud of it), see if the Virtual Learning Adventures are something that might pique your interest and keep us posted as you start to build these dreams into reality. 

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