Family Travel Blogs to Follow in 2017

family travel blogs

Family travel blogs are more than random webpages filled with wanderlust-filled thoughts from strangers. They’re a valuable resource to consider when planning your family vacation. Instead of worrying if you’ve covered all the bases (packing, costs, family friendly locations, traveling with kids, and airline regulations are just the beginning), utilize your friendly online bloggers for experience and advice!

How do you know where to start? The blogosphere is full of an endless number of bloggers, family travel blogs, influencers, “experts,” and more. Do a quick Google search for “family vacation” or “family travel” and you’ll come up with nearly one billion results. One billion.

Instead of sifting through site after site, we’ve put together a list of great places to start when researching family vacations and family travel blogs. Grab your sippy cups and pacifiers, strollers and carry-ons – it’s time to take off!

Before you dive into the list, stop for a moment. Take a breath – a deep one. Repeat after us:

Family vacations don’t have to be a hassle to plan.  One more time…. Family vacations don’t have to be a hassle to plan.

Family trips also don’t need to be an unnecessary worry. Fear not! Traveling (abroad, especially) can be perfectly safe, particularly with proper planning and preparation. This is where family travel blogs come in handy. 

Good. Now, let’s take a look at where you can find some online insight to help your family vacation go off without a hitch – because each family vacation really can be the “best” family vacation!

family travel blogs
Photo: The Barefoot Nomad

The Barefoot Nomad

Since their first year-long trip around the world in 2003, adventurous Canadians Charles & Micki can’t live without travel. They’ve visited 40 countries in 15 years, from Asia to South America, and documenting their travels is part of the fun.

The Barefoot Nomad goal: Encouraging people to get out there and explore the world, while proving that traveling with kids is possible. Visit The Barefoot Nomad for helpful tips on how to prepare for your trip before leaving, how to save money to make travel possible, and more.

Sample post: How We Travel Carry On Only As A Family Of Four

family travel blogs
Photo: y Travel Blog

y Travel Blog

A returning favorite from last year’s Family Travel Blogs list, Caz and Craig Makepeace are two serial travel addicts who have lived in 5 countries and had adventures through 52. Their two daughters don’t prevent travel – quite the contrary, they love sharing the travel bug with their parents! With this much travel under their collective belt, they’ve created a great resource for city guides, destination information, travel planning, trip ideas, travel gear, and money management.

Life is short and there is no perfect time to live your dream. y Travel’s goal is to help people find their way, help them to disconnect from daily life, and to show that a traveling lifestyle can work for anyone.

Sample post: Best Things To Do In Waikiki With Kids

family travel blogs
Photo: Together We Roam

Together We Roam

To say that mother-of-two Rene is keen on travel would be an understatement. She and her husband have worked in, lived in, and traveled to a whopping 74 countries. Rene’s mindset is somewhat unique: Spend every dollar you have on exploring the world. For Rene, traveling with kids is an opportunity, not a constraint. She knows that travel can open her children’s minds to other cultures, allow them explore new places, encourage them to try new food, and create family memories to last a lifetime.

Together We Roam contains an impressive amount of useful information, all geared at family travel with kids. Travel insurance tips, best places to go with kids, flying with kids, cruising, and snow travel are just some of the many topics to choose from.

Sample post: Complete Guide To Phuket With Kids

family travel blogs
Photo: That Mum Wife Travel Life

That Mum Wife Travel Life

Bec Combie is a mom of two, a wife, and a travel/fashion/photography addict. Combining these passions resulted in a blog in which you’ll find all a travel mom needs to know when traveling with kids. With a healthy dose of fashion tips, beautiful photographs, and her cheeky sense of humor, Bec makes this blog unique and invaluable. Check this one out to learn how a mom happily totes two kids across the world (and how you can, too!).

Sample post:  Ninja Nappy Challenge

family travel blogs
Photo: Healthy Kids Travel

Healthy Kids Travel

Because it can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle while embracing new places, new rhythms, and new cultures, Brit Sooby set out to create a blog to prove that travel and healthy lifestyle are not incompatible. Brit’s passion for children’s health, her relationship with the planet, and her love of traveling culminate in a collection of healthy travel tips for you and your children. From finding clean water, to reducing your environmental impact on the go, you’ll learn the tricks to taking a healthy and environmentally friendly trip. Don’t be surprised to discover how easy it can be to feed your kids healthy foods on the go!

Sample post: Our Favorite Ideas For Eating Healthy On The Road

family travel blogs
Photo: It’s A Necessity

It’s A Necessity

The name says it all. Travel isn’t a luxury or a pleasantry – it’s a necessity! Eben and Genevieve planned to travel for few years after getting married, but before starting a family. However, life had other plans for the traveling twosome. Three months into wedded bliss, Genevieve discovered she was pregnant! The couple didn’t want to give up their plans and decided to continue their adventure, even with a new addition. They even went on to build their very own ship!

In this blog, you’ll find the happy story of a nomadic family living an adventure as long as possible. Join them on their journey, and learn how they incorporated family into adventure and travel (with some stories and laughs along the way).

Sample post: Keeping Family Travel Fun

family travel blogs
Photo: Baby Can Travel

“…because life doesn’t end after having a baby.”

Dan and Celine’s boundless passion for traveling is matched only by their love of family. Having always wanted a family, they promised each other they wouldn’t quit traveling once parents. Promise delivered! A mere three months after giving birth to their first child, they decided it was time to book a trip.

The excited parents spent hours researching information to prepare their travel, but found nothing relevant. That’s why, when they returned home from their first family trip, they decided to start a blog aimed to parents traveling with babies. Their experience is beautifully laid out for you, allowing you to learn how to incorporate your baby in your travel plans with confidence. Bonus: Exceptional resources can be found here in downloadable format (many in the form of How-To Guides)!

Sample post: Get Your Baby To Sleep On Vacation (Advice From a Sleep Expert)

family travel blogs
Photo: World Travel Family

World Travel Family

One of the reasons people find traveling with kids stressful: Prepping for the trip.

World Travel Family’s Alyson met her husband through travel. For the couple, traveling was a given – they both define the word “wanderlust.” After having children, they slowed down for a while, but once the boys were 6 and 8, it was time to hit the road again!

Since 2012, this family of travelers has been all over the world – which is no small feat in the planning department. What you’ll find on this blog:  As an organized and dedicated mother, Alyson answers the questions that are on every parent’s mind when planning a trip. If you’re a fan of family travel blogs and planning, this is the one for you. Basically, this blog is your prep prayers answered.

Sample Post: Best Things About Traveling the World as a Family

family travel blogs
Photo: Travel With Bender

Travel With Bender

In May of 2012, the Bender family embarked on a journey: A world trip. Since then, they’ve traveled to over 65 countries. “Travel With Bender” was initially created as a means to keep their families and friends informed, but as fate would have it, more and more people started following their journey. Since then, the Benders have not only shared their crazy and amazing adventures, they’ve been serving up travel hacks, destination reviews and info, product reviews, and even tips on travel gear! When you fall in love with this family’s knowledge and delivery, you’ll understand why the Benders made this year’s family travel blogs list again, after being featured last year as well.

Sample post: 3 European Cruises For Kids And Families

family travel blogs
Photo: Travel Babbo

Travel Babbo

Travel Babbo’s tagline tells you exactly what this is ALL about: “Take your kids everywhere!”

A travel addict since college studies took him to Europe, Eric Stoen set a goal to see five new countries a year. So far, he’s made it to 80 countries and all seven continents – making Travel Babbo one of the most well-traveled family travel blogs. Once Eric got married (and had 3 kids), he absolutely continued on his wanderlust-fueled adventures. In this blog, Eric provides information about what he and his family discovered in various cities and countries that are outside the box. As far as family travel blogs go, Travel Babbo is one of the best resources for off-the-beaten-path family travel.

Sample post: An African Safari With Kids

family travel blogs
Photo: Travel Tales

Travel Tales

Welcome to a well-rounded blog extolling the virtues of traveling as a family. Whether it’s a mini-break or a weeks-long stay, a camping trip or 5-star hotel, Matt and Meg love embracing new places, meeting local people, and feeling the wind in their hair. Traveling around the world with their little girl in tow, they often post about nature and wildlife, road trips, cities, camping, luxury travel, family friendly trips, food and drinks, and adventures they experience.

Sample post: From Playgrounds To Piano Bars – New York City

family travel blogs
Photo: Let’s go Mum!

Let’s go Mum!

Let’s Go Mum comes from – surprise! – Barbara, the creator of the biggest single parenting website in Australia. Acknowledging her love of traveling, Barbara took what she’d learned from her first website and launched Let’s Go Mum in 2014. Since then, LGM has become a successful resource for single parents and larger families alike! This single parent family reviews the best kid-friendly attractions and family vacations. Check in here if you need some fresh family travel ideas!

Sample post: Cruise Review – a single parent’s guide to cruising!

family travel blogs
Photo: It’s a Lovely Life

It’s a Lovely Life

Here’s a fun thing about the Reese family: All five of them (three children included) participate in writing on this blog. Family travel blogs most often come from the parents, but this whole-family setup is unique and awesome. Mom and Dad, Heather and Pete Reese, do an exceptional job of cataloging their travels, capturing images that REALLY show you what it’s like to be in a particular destination, and offering destination tips and product suggestions along the way.

Sample post: 14 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Vacation In Cancun With The Kids

family travel blogs
Photo: Travel Mad Mum

Travel Mad Mum

Once pregnant, travel addict Karen Edwards feared her days of traveling may be limited – or worse yet, completely over. Thinking back to the over 80 countries she’s visited in 8 years, Karen forged on, ultimately deciding to be a traveling parent. While she touches on many topics ranging from destinations, to FAQs, to in-transit tips for keeping kids entertained, to airlines, we love the “Tried and Tested” section. Here, you’ll find tips and reviews on baby travel paraphernalia. Especially helpful for first-time parent travelers!

Sample post: Travel Essentials For Families This Summer

family travel blogs
Photo: Pure Imperfection

Pure Imperfection

As a stay-at-home mother, Gina finds herself going through the same day-to-day struggles as most moms – that means kids, husband, work, meals, laundry, etc. Though she loves stay-at-home-mom-ing, her escape from the day-to-day is traveling. And, you guessed it, that means taking the whole family! Writing about both her family and their travels, Pure Imperfection is aimed at all the “mom-ing” women out there. Because being a mom is not a work but a lifestyle, she wants to share her experience and inspire other moms!

Sample post: International “mom-ing”

family travel blogs
Photo: The Worldwide Webers

The Worldwide Webers

Buckle up! This new-parents-winging-it duo have managed to visit 30+ countries on four continents, all within their first year of new parent-dom! As seen in Forbes, TRAVEL+LEISURE, Parents, and Business Insider, The Worldwide Webers offer up travel tips, destination information, and (perhaps most interestingly), baby travel tips – especially for babies less than 2 years old.

Sample post:  Frozen Family Travel in Finland

Whether you’re a new parent or a tried-and-true parental travel veteran, you’ll find family travel blogs that are just right for you.

Do you have favorite family travel blogs not mentioned in this post? Tell us about them in the comments below!


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  1. Thanks for including us, that’s a great list, you’ve got all my favourites from the bigger family travel blogs there. Don’t forget there are always new ones coming along too, some great ones that I’m helping get started..

  2. Wow, thank you so kindly for featuring my wee blog. I’m so chuffed to be part of this wonderful list. I love finding new family travel bloggers to follow. Shall have a little stalk 🙂

    Thanks again!



  3. We’re looking forward to getting better acquainted with some of the up and coming blogs too! Thanks for being awesome!

  4. Hi, we started an around the world family travel adventure in August 2017 and will be on the road until June 2018. So far we have been to the United States, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Our next stop is a brief jump to Singapore to reset our visa and then back to Thailand for the Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai. It would be great for you to check out our site at

  5. Great list! We love finding new blogs to follow of like minded peeps!! We would love to be considered for your list coming up for 2018! I’m Natalie Tanner and I blog at The EducationalTourist about traveling with the kids and making it educational. I teach parents how to travel easily with the kids to places THEY want to visit – not just the kid stuff!!!

  6. That’s awesome! We focus a lot of our energy on making sure our trips work for families and love to hear from the kids!

  7. From my childhood I am very much travel freak. As a result my child also go to me. So in every year I have to plan to go out with family. That’s why whenever I get free time I try to check out travel blogs. I really love the way you presented.

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    this is an excellent post on travelling. Most of the time i am looking for these kind of articles and read them with full of interest. I am fond of traveling.
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