Ask An Alumni: A Guatemala trip through the eyes of a Discover Corps traveler

Guatemala trip

Nothing beats hearing one of our travelers share what a phenomenal time they had on a Discover Corps trip. We recently had the opportunity to highlight two of these travelers – both  Cuba trip alumnae – Gina and Kathleen (the world’s coolest grandma). Now we’re off to embark on a Guatemala trip with another Discover Corps traveler!

You’ve seen the promos. You’ve visited our website (and, obviously, our blog). You already follow us on Facebook. But how do you know what one of our trips is really like? Ask Discover Corps Alumni! We’ve done the legwork for you. Say hello to Lisa, who recently experienced our Guatemala trip. Not only did Lisa have the trip of a lifetime, she had two – taking another Guatemala trip just a few months after the first!

Guatemala trip
Lisa K.

Keep reading to take a look at Guatemala through Lisa’s eyes and discover why she chose Discover Corps (in her own words). And, we have to be honest: One of the tips she gave? It definitely tops the lists of simple, yet gratifying suggestions. Read on to see what she recommends.


Why did you choose Discover Corps versus another  travel company?  

“I chose Discover Corps vs another travel company because they offered solo traveler options, the countries they go to are appealing to me, the cost appeared very reasonable, and everything was included except flights! This was important to me, having not traveled alone in many many years. In addition, the purpose of the trip and the activities were appealing in that they did not seem too ‘touristy.’ – Something I try to avoid.”


What made you choose this trip in particular?  

I originally was going to choose the Dominican Republic trip, but the dates did not work for me. The Guatemala trip dates worked, so I explored it further, and found the trip very appealing in terms of the volunteer activity, combined with the other activities scheduled.”  (Editor’s note: Good news! We have a discount for alumni & returning travelers.)


Guatemala trip

What is one thing you wish you’d known before traveling to Guatemala?  

One thing I’d wish I’d known: bring less clothes! And bring clothes you want to leave behind and donate to others that live there – it’s very rewarding!”


Tell us about the most memorable experience from your trip.  

The most memorable experience from the trip was definitely volunteering with the children in the school near Xela. The hands on opportunity to go there for 3 mornings in a row contributed to the positive experience.


Guatemala trip

What did you think of your guide?  

The guides were remarkable, very knowledgeable, patient, kind and helpful.”


What tips would you give someone considering going on the trip you went on?  

The tips I would offer are to pack & dress simply – and pack layers! Know beforehand that you cannot throw your toilet paper in the toilet. While this seems pretty basic, respecting that country’s septic system is very important in order to not damage it. Be open minded, willing to change plans, and take everything in.”


Are there any clothes/shoes/toiletries/ camera equipment items you’d say are must-brings on this trip?  

I’d bring one good pair of walking shoes, one good pair of walking sandals, and some flip-flops, that’s it. That’s all that’s needed as far as shoes go.”  (Editor’s note: Make sure these shoes are broken in/comfortable!)


Guatemala trip


Lisa’s Guatemala trip is one worth writing home (or blogging!) about. It was so life-changing, in fact, that she’s thinking of moving there next year! If you’re considering a fulfilling, family-friendly trip in a beautiful country with the friendliest people, we strongly suggest our “Children of the Maya” Guatemala trip.  But, don’t take it from us…

Guatemala trip

My experience in 3 sentences or less: It was remarkable, heart warming and very, very safe. I would go back – and I did, on my own! I love Guatemala and its people and am very grateful I chose this trip.” 

Lisa Kolokoff, Discover Corps traveler  



Have you been on a Discover Corps trip? How was your experience? Tell us about it in the comments below to be featured in an upcoming traveler profile!

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