How You Can Volunteer with Children Abroad

Kids understand kindness. Even those born into difficult circumstances possess an appreciation for our world and an innocence that can be incredibly uplifting.

If you love kids — whether you have your own or just enjoy spending time with the offspring of others — then volunteering with children is a great way to make a difference.

Teaching is the most popular option; helping out in a classroom gives you the opportunity to develop meaningful connections with young people. By volunteering at schools, you can help communities that lack the funds to hire enough teachers, purchase the proper supplies, and provide the individualized attention children need.

Here at Discover Corps, we love kids and believe our volunteers can have a positive impact on their lives. We offer you the opportunity to work with children in the following destinations:

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You’ll make English learning fun for kids on our Children of the Hill Tribes tour. Don’t speak Thai? You don’t need to!

The language you know is the language they need to get a good job after school. Just by talking, playing games, exploring arts and crafts, and spending time with the children, you’ll impart a skill that could truly change their lives.


In Tanzania, you can work at a school teaching both English and math through our East Africa Unveiled trip. These rural schools suffer from overcrowding, so volunteers help by giving the children one-on-one attention.

When you’re not teaching in Tanzania, you’ll help restore the infrastructure of the school — and in doing so, improve the quality of life for all who learn and teach there.


Does exploring the ancient civilizations of Peru sound enticing? Our Spirit of the Andes tour introduces you to the famous Inca Trail, as well as the native children who call a nearby pueblo home. You’ll spend time teaching English and interacting with the locals — both children and adults — surrounded by the stunning Andes.


Experience the heart of Maya culture on our Children of the Maya tour, where you’ll work alongside teachers to help preserve their way of life. Because they work directly with the next generation, teachers are at the forefront of maintaining their people’s unique customs and traditions.

One Thing to Remember…

Volunteering with children is an incredibly rewarding experience, but volunteering with their families can be just as impactful.

In a recent interview with four special women who make our volunteers feel at home in the Dominican Republic with their delectable cooking, we discovered how volunteers indirectly help local families.

“Before, we were in a difficult situation,” recalls Nero, one of the fabulous Dominican cooks. “But now my husband, my daughter, and I all have jobs.”

Through our program in the Dominican Republic, more families are given the opportunity to work and make money to support their children. So while volunteers may not be teaching English, they’re supporting the community and the children through their work with the local people.

Though many of our volunteer opportunities allow you to work directly with children, it’s important to remember that working with adults and communities at large makes a huge impact on the local children, as well.

Volunteering with kids is a powerful experience. Not only will you have an impact upon them — but the kindness you show, mirrored through their smiles, will undoubtedly change your life, too.

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Where would YOU like to volunteer with children?

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