Why You Don’t Need a Partner to Travel

Solo Travel in Cuba

Do you wish you could travel the world — but have hesitated because you don’t have anyone to go with you?

We frequently hear from people in the same boat. They’re filled with wanderlust but are afraid to travel solo, thinking it’ll be lonely, dangerous, or boring.

They’re wrong.

You don’t need a partner to travel — especially on one of our volunteer vacations. In fact, traveling solo has several benefits; we’ll list three of them below, as well as one common question solo travelers have.

1. You become self reliant

When traveling solo, all of the logistics and decision making rests on you. While this may seem intimidating, it’s actually liberating. Choices abound — from flights to hotels to food — and you’ll discover how strong you are, even if things don’t always go as planned.

(Though, of course, if you’re on a volunteer vacation with us — we’ll take care of all the details! You’ll develop self-reliance through volunteering and the challenges of cultural immersion.)

2. You make new friends

You might assume traveling “solo” equates to lonely nights adrift in a daunting foreign country, but reality proves the opposite.

Being alone injects bravery into your interactions, encouraging you to strike out and chat with people. The flip side is also true: friendly locals and fellow travelers are more likely to approach solo travelers. Though you may be solo, you’ll never be pining for company!

Not to mention, it’s easy to connect with others through social networking sites like Facebook, MeetUp, or Twitter. You can ask for travel tips, suggest meetups, and discover causes in your destination.

If you’re traveling with an organized tour like ours, you’ll automatically gain a circle of like-minded friends and travel companions. It’s pretty cool!

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3. You experience true freedom

Travel is exhilarating, but doing so on your own takes the experience to another level.

When you climb that mountain or learn how to make a traditional handicraft, you’ll feel intense empowerment. You’ve followed your heart, going where it desires — and you didn’t need anybody to hold your hand.

On our Discover Corps trips, our solo travelers often tell us how freeing it feels to unplug and let go of the responsibilities that shackle them at home, truly immersing themselves in a new country.

Does Solo Travel Cost More?

One of the biggest worries of solo travelers is that it’ll cost more than traveling with a partner. It’s a valid concern.

But here at Discover Corps, we want everyone to experience the power of volunteer travel. So we’ve tailored a series of fun “Solo Traveler Savings” volunteer vacations where you don’t have to pay a single supplement. Check them out and see how rewarding solo travel can be!

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Have you ever traveled solo? What did you learn from the experience? Share with us in the comments!

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