Interview from Thailand: Discover Corps’ Guide Tam

After being a tour guide for so many years, you might think Discover Corps Guide Siwarkorn Hkt, or “Tam”, has probably done and seen it all. There’s something, however, that keeps him smiling and talking about how much he loves his job: the people. Of course, the wildlife and beautiful scenery on the Thailand: Elephants & Islands Expedition are incredible, but it’s the people that really stand out for him. From the conversations and shared experiences between travelers, to the time spent with locals, these relationships built while on your volunteer vacation stay with you for a lifetime.

“On the second day of elephant camp when we return in the morning time, the elephant makes noise to say hi or hello…the elephant remembers you, it smells you, it remembers your face and also your voice!” – Tam

Tam expertly guides travelers to historic sites, panoramic views and up-close encounters with another huge (literally) motivation to travel to Thailand: the elephants! Hear it from Tam himself in the video below as he provides an in-depth rundown of what to expect on this family-friendly adventure:


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