Travel Wellness: Tips to Staying Healthy on Your Adventures

Traveling is one of the rare things that cost money, but you always come home richer. However, in order to have a safe and fulfilling trip, it’s important to stay healthy throughout and keep up your energy levels. If you’re planning to go somewhere new, below are some traveling tips that will help:

1. Don’t forget to take care of your gut

Going to a foreign place, especially if it’s a different climate, can be risky mainly if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or simply have certain allergies to foods. In that case, the best way to keep yourself safe is to start taking probiotics that will maintain the health of your gut by preventing the growth of bad bacteria. Depending on your diet and the type of probiotic itself, you may take it either with food or an empty stomach, but if you’re uncertain, it’s best to consult your physician.

2. Always stay hydrated

Different climates can cause different bodily reactions, but staying hydrated will surely keep you safe from dehydration, especially if you’re traveling to a place with dry weather. Keeping yourself hydrated will help you stay energized and healthy throughout the day. If possible, always bring a reusable water bottle, and always make sure that tap water is safe for consumption before you decide to pour yourself a glass (don’t forget the ice!).

3. Bring your own emergency kit

Being on a road (or a plane, or boat, or bike) often raises the risk of illness, so having your own emergency kit can help. For example, bringing your own cold medicine, band-aids and painkillers will be of great use in case you get a headache, a minor scratch, or a cut. The emergency kit won’t help you in case you get seriously hurt, but it will be helpful in case you need a quick remedy.

4. Before you start working out, make sure that it’s safe

Many people enjoy traveling for new exercising opportunities. There are places that are well-known for their excellent trekking paths and biking routes, and if you’re into yoga, you can visit retreats that offer a chance to reflect and stretch in peace. But, before you start lacing your running shoes, you should always make sure that your environment is safe for exercise. If you’re a serious runner, then visit here for valuable tips and other important information about where to run and where not to run. Being active while traveling will help you stay healthy and ready to have some fun while sightseeing, so enjoy it!

5. Bring those baby wipes

Maybe people don’t realize how important it is to bring hand sanitizer and baby wipes when traveling – even if you’re staying in the nicest of lodges, traveling often brings about long (and often very hot) days out. Baby wipes can help you stay clean in case you need to get refreshed while being away from the nearest shower.

6. Eat healthy

Japan family vacation
One great way to make sure you’re eating healthy? Try a local cooking class!

Traveling opens you to many experiences, and trying new foods is often the best way to immerse yourself into a new culture. Even though some countries, like Thailand and China, have eclectic cuisine, sometimes eating many different dishes can cause constipation and other digestive issues. Therefore, eating an appropriate diet, rich with fruits, vegetables and other nutrients while keeping yourself hydrated, and staying away from too much sugar and alcohol will help you feel healthy. Indulge, but be mindful!

Final Thoughts

Embracing adventure by traveling will help you grow and gain new life experiences, but to have a completely worry-free and fun trip, make sure that you’re putting a focus on staying healthy and safe. Eat clean, stay hydrated, and be gentle to yourself. Your mind and body will thank you when you return home!

Author Bio: Naomi is a book lover, editor in chief of Rockay and a world wonderer. Exploring the Earth, one city at a time

4 responses to “Travel Wellness: Tips to Staying Healthy on Your Adventures

  1. Thanks Amanda DiSilvestro, i really glad to see your blog and this blog is so very helpful for me and i impressed to your work and your efforts. Thumbs up!!

  2. Nice article. Next week am going on a tour so i will try all the tips. Which fruits and vegetables i can eat during my tour?

  3. Great post-Amanda. The tips you mentioned are very helpful as I get sick easily while traveling. One thing which I never forget to keep with myself is a face mask as it protects my skin from pollution and direct sun rays. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks so much for reading Noah! Face mask is a GREAT call – I will add it to the list!

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