Peru: Children of the Andes

The Discover Corps trip called Peru: Children of the Andes is an inspiring cultural immersion into an Andean mountain village. Travelers can choose to do a 10 or 14 day version of the trip. During the trip, you’ll help school children practice conversational English, learn about Peruvian culture and history, and also visit all the “must see” sites – including Machu Picchu!.

Video Transcript

Woman: My Discover Corps experience has been remarkable. Being in Peru and seeing the families, getting to know the children, has been emotional, remarkable, and unforgettable.

Man: Normally when we go on vacation, we can see a few of the sites, taste a little of the local cuisine, and we go home. With Discover Corps we really got a feel for the culture here. We got to spend a week in a village with families, with kids and really getting to know them, interact with them, and really understand how they live, and what their challenges are.

Boy: Being with the kids and seeing a whole other perspective of the world – that someone like myself doesn’t get to experience – was definitely eye opening and I recommend it to anybody.

Woman #2: It was a well-rounded experience: part cultural, part service, part hiking.  We got to know the people. We got to know what their lifestyles were like: how they made bread, how they made their jewelry, how they lived in their houses.  We hiked up their mountains.  We got to laugh together, we got to work together.

Woman: I think this has been an experience that our family will never forget.  Thank you Discover Corps.