Volunteer Vacations for Seniors

Meaningful Trips for Baby Boomers

Whether you’re traveling with a friend, spouse or your grandchildren, our volunteer vacations for seniors feature all-inclusive pricing so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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Share Your Lifetime of Experience

Did you ever dream of joining the Peace Corps? Or do you simply crave a vacation that will take you deep into the heart and soul of a country and allow you to share your lifetime of experience with others?

Whatever the case, our vacations with purpose are perfect for baby boomers who want to lend a hand, explore a new country, spend time with wildlife, and make new friends.

Don’t worry about being able to speak a foreign language or knowing exactly how to serve – we have volunteers of all ages, backgrounds and physical capabilities, and volunteer hours range from just 1 hour on a trip to 16 hours of a trip. We can find a project that suits anyone including working with children and teens, teaching English, building and repairing homes and schools, and assisting with wildlife or environmental projects. Our knowledgeable team of Travel Specialists will work with you to plan out the perfect trip based on any special considerations you might have.

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Request a catalog

Activities for All Abilities

While most of our travelers are over age 50, we recognize that not everyone over fifty is the same.  This is why we have created an activity level scale that allows you to choose the trip that is right for you. This means that you won’t be surprised by the level of activity on your chosen adventure, and you can plan accordingly.

We define volunteer travel as travel in which one actively participates, as opposed to a tour, where guests are passive observers. Request our catalog below to see which trips number of volunteer hours and physical activity is right for you.

Defending Voluntourism

Intergenerational Volunteer Trips

Intergenerational community service programs are the perfect way to keep the youngest generations connected to the oldest generations.  It’s a beautiful experience because both groups have so much to share with the other. There are many benefits to intergenerational volunteer vacations, but the best part is that they are fun and meaningful.

Unlike intergenerational mission trips, Discover Corps is about more than just volunteering.  Our family trips combine meaningful volunteerism, exciting sightseeing, cultural immersion, and fun into an experience the entire family will enjoy. You will still feel like you are on vacation, there will just an added layer of immersion.

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Request a catalog