5 Ecotourism Blogs You Should Be Following


Ecotourism. Green travel. Eco-travel. Sustainable travel. Whatever you call it – we call it “awesome,” for more reasons than one.

Maybe you want to leave Earth in better shape than you found it. Perhaps you dream of shaping the place future generations will call “home.” Heck, maybe you just want to reduce your own carbon footprint.

All reasons considered, environmental awareness has caused a rise in ecotourism. Whether you’re new to the idea of sustainable travel, love the idea ecotourism, or you lead the green travel brigade, we seriously suggest checking taking a look at our list of ecotourism-based blogs.

These travel bloggers do more than globe-trot. They explore, learn, give back, clean up, teach, and – most importantly – care.  Ready to learn how you can help change the world and shape the future on your next vacation? Let’s go!

A quick note before we dive into the list. People often wonder if ‘vacation’ and ‘sustainability’ are words that belong in the same sentence. When it comes to volunteer vacations especially, we definitely say yes. We’ve put together an explanation here. Great! Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s visit some exceptional ecotourism blogs!


Charlie on Travel 

Charlie’s been an ecotourism fan since 2012 – a self-proclaimed eco-conscious backpacker (with big dreams), in fact. In addition to finding insightful sustainability and vegetarian information from her and her travel companion Luke, get ready for some eye-catching photos.

The fun twist here is that Charlie and Luke are “slow travelers” while still enjoying what they consider to be ecotourism. They take their time, live like the locals, and actually house-sit along the way when they can. These green travel enthusiasts will have you feeling at home at their blog in no time flat.

Inspirational example: Eco-Tourism in Aruba



The GreenPick

“Ecotourism” can be a bit of an intimidating word for the average traveler – or someone just starting to learn about going a bit greener in their travels. Denis and Fanny, average travelers in their own right, aim to simply focus on authenticity, responsibility, and self-awareness.

What we love about The GreenPick: It’s exactly what the name implies. It’s a resource to help you make choices (picks) that are more green. Here, you’ll find guides and details on hotels, countries, and cities, and what you can do to more sustainably travel in each place.

Inspirational example:  How to Not Use Plastic When You Travel?


Eco Traveller

When you think of ecotourism, you probably think more about recycling, rebuilding, pollution – things of that nature. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But there’s so much more to it than that!

Linda, owner of Eco Traveller since 2011, has a knack for offering great alternatives in the name of preservation. Here are just two great tidbits:

Maybe you want to go to Phi Phi in Thailand, but are worried about adding to the overcrowding on the island – I can recommend somewhere just as beautiful to explore. You’ve been dreaming of climbing Machu Picchu but have heard there are 2,500 people a day trekking the same route – did you know there’s another fabulous walking route in Peru that only sees 30 people a day?

Inspirational example: 7 Reasons to Visit Prague


Soul Travel Blog

After somewhat extensive travel, Ellie returned home and to her job (as most of us do), only to find she didn’t fit in anymore. Corporate culture – even though she coincidentally already worked in travel/tourism – wasn’t for her.

Fast forward to today. Ellie quit her job and set out on a mission: to take her Soul Travel Blog on full time, continue traveling, and help others learn about sustainability, ecotourism, and mindfulness. The need to do more, for Ellie, has resulted in a great resource for the rest of us who can sometimes use a simple reminder on how best to travel a little greener.

Inspirational example: Sustainable Travel Resources


Travel With Kat

Kat, a travel blogger – and the only individual to be awarded the AITO Responsible Tourism Award (usually reserved for companies) – did not set out to blog about ecotourism or sustainable travel. The more and more she wrote, the more and more she found herself writing about those very topics.

These days, you’ll see much of Kat’s writing falls under the umbrella of responsible tourism and sustainability. She even has her own policy on her site. After reading her policy, take a look around to find topics ranging from ethical gifts that give back, to Canadian wildlife, to the orphanage industry in Nepal, to The Community Stove Initiative!

Inspirational example: Cities on the Edge of Nature: Vancouver, British Columbia


We love great trips, awesome causes, helpful blogs, sustainable travel, ecotourism-minded travelers, vacations with purpose, and getting out and seeing the world. The bloggers on this list are of the same mind, which is largely why we chose them.

Do you have a favorite eco-friendly travel blogger who didn’t make the list? Share them in the comments below!

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5 responses to “5 Ecotourism Blogs You Should Be Following

  1. Hi Amanada,
    Thanks for putting this list together. Been working through it today.
    Love how there is more emphasis on eco tourism nowadays.

    We write mostly about eco travel and sustainable tourism too.

    Lot of work to do here in The Caribbean, but things are definitely changing for the better which is great to highlight!

    Keep up the great work


  2. Hi Amanada,
    Nice list, as mentioned Eco tourism is important these days.

    Carboncraft is an interesting blogging platform too discussing ecotourism and sustainability travel. It is worth reading their blog too.

    Keep up the great work and Good luck.


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